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Safelayout Cute Preloader Pro

An easy-to-use, lightweight and powerful preloader plugin.

By using a beautiful, attractive and creative preloader to your WordPress website, you will induce a good feeling of facing a professional website to your visitors.

Safelayout Cute Preloader Pro is a powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to choose a unique and beautiful animated preloader for your WordPress website.

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Pure CSS animation (No GIF)

Pure CSS animation

Cross browser compatible

Cross browser compatible

Choose to show on all devices, mobile, or desktop only

mobile, or desktop only

More than 400 beautiful Gradient colors for icon, progress bar and background

gradients for icon, progress bar and background

12 progress bar types

progress bars

23 Beautiful filter effects for icons

icon effects

Different preloader for products, or any data type.

preloader for products


48 Loading animation icons

18 Background animation effects

8 Text animation effects

Cross browser compatible

Pure CSS animation (No GIF)

Work with Any Theme

Special preloader (You can have more than one preloader on your site)

Device control (Choose to show on all devices, mobile, or desktop only)

Enable to show preloader only once per visitor session

12 beautiful progress bar types

Preloader Counter

Fully customizable

25 Brand Image animation effects

431 Gradient colors for icon, progress bar and background

23 Beautiful filter effects

Preloader minimum runtime

Preloader maximum runtime

Preloader close button

Unlimited colors

Add your own loader image

Disable page scrolling while loading